During the Revolutionary unit, every student signs the Declaration of Independence on the Promethean board so that we can all commit treason together against King George III.

Yesterday, I was taking roll.

ME: Is [student] absent?

STUDENT #1: Didn’t he sign his name really big on the Declaration?

STUDENT #2: Oh, man. King George got him.

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Created a reminder for my students as they leave the classroom every day.

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*shamelessly bawling*

*ugly crying*

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The Exorcist III (1990) - dir. William Peter Blatty

A few seconds into this movie, a Jesus statue opens its eyes, and my boyfriend—who did not grow up Catholic with this as his NUMBER ONE FEAR like I did as a kid when it was going around that this “totally happened”—didn’t understand why I was screaming. 

This was a great movie, BTW. 

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Joan and Roger in Mad Men 1x11 (Indian Summer)

Personal. My Monday night looked a lot like this. My hair was more rained-on, though. 

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Joan: I heard you were being considered for an account because a client’s wife saw you and thought it would be OK if he worked with you.
Peggy: You know you’re not a stick.
Joan: And yet I never wonder what men think of me. You are hiding a very attractive, young girl with too much lunch.
Peggy: I know what men think of you. That you’re looking for a husband and that you’re fun. And not in that order.
Joan: Peggy, this isn’t China. There’s no money in virginity.
Peggy: I’m not a virgin.
Joan: No, of course not.
Peggy: I just realized something. You think you’re being helpful.


"We’re all standing on our desks shouting ‘OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN’ but unlike the teacher he played he’s not there to see it as he leaves."

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Coworker just walks by and said “wow, wait, I just heard Gina giggle, that NEVER happens.”

I was looking at this gifset. 

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